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Complete kitesurfing course

Complete Kitesurfing COURSE
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Duration: 17 hourse

Can’t wait to face the elements of nature and speed across the water? The goal of our complete course is to turn you into an independent kiteboarder, so you can enjoy your freedom at sea. Besides the two-day course you will get an other 3 hours on the water to test your independents. After 15 hours of training you are free to visit the safety course. Here you will learn in two hours the specific knowledge that you should know in different emergence situation.

Part 1

The first day consists of two parts of three hours. The first part will take place on the beach and forms the basis of this course. We will practice and answer the following questions:

  • What is the ‘wind window’?
  • Where are the neutral- and the power zones?
  • How do the security systems work?
  • How do I have to use my body?
  • How do I launch a kite and how do I land it?
  • What are flying lines and when do I use them?
  • How do I control the kite with and without a harness?
  • – Practice with flight lines and simulate a water start
  • – Explanation about tube-kites and rigging a tube-kite

Part 2

During the second part of the course, you will trade in your trainer kite for a larger tube-kite. With this tube-kite you will experience the exceptional powers that are generated by the kite. Subsequently, you will take control over the kite due a technique called ‘body dragging’. While body dragging, we will repeat the flight lines from the first part of the course and we will let the kite guide us across the North Sea in order to discover the powers of the tube-kite.

  • Body dragging in the water
  • Body dragging in different directions
  • Get your kite back into the air after it landed on water (relaunch)
  • Self rescue (simulation of an emergency situation)

Once you’ve acquired the basic knowledge and necessary skills to control the kite, it’s time to turn you into an independent kiteboarder. We will teach you everything you need to know about kitesurfing, so you will be able to practice kitesurfing independently and in a safe way. The course programme will be adapted to the level and wishes of the participants.

Part 3

Since you’ve mastered the most important basics already, we will continue with our boards. We’re going to practice our water start and refine our feeling for the combination of board and kite.

  • Water start
  • Surfing skills

Part 4

Our goal is to turn you into a 100% independent kiteboarder. So in the fourth and last part of our two-day course, we will focus on the aspects of kitesurfing that might not be entirely clear yet and on the techniques you might have experienced difficulties with. Such as:

  • Relaunch (launch the kite from the water)
  • Water start
  • Different surfing techniques
  • Safety
  • Theory
  • Simulation of emergency situations
  • Materials
  • Independence

Part 5

  • Material
  • Independent
  • Riding!

Safety Course

  • Self Rescue
  • Different emergency situation
  • Safe material use


Our lesson guarantee ensures you get the best out of your lessons. We will call you one day in advance to the lesson and discuss the wind- and wheather conditions. When in doubt, we will make the decision together. This way, we can guarantee that your lesson takes place under good conditions.


At the end of the course, we will look back at what you have learned during the lessons and we will evaluate the progress you have made. Also, will receive a certificate from the VDWS that reflects your skills.


Do you want more information about our kitesurfing courses or do you want to book a course directly? Please fill out the request form or contact us via:

Phone: 0031 – 621 52 44 47






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