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About Natural High


Natural High started off as a kitesurf school and has grown into an amazing Beachclub and an event office that offers a wide variety of beach and water activities. We were born out of our passion for the game of the elements, the free life, and having fun. When you take part in one of our activities, a feeling of freedom, carelessness, and euphoria arises. Or as we like to call it: “The Natural High feeling”. A feeling that awaits you when you are on the beach.

Passion, freedom, nature, and fun

Passion, freedom, nature, and fun are four ideals that are deeply anchored within Natural High. When you pay us a visit, you will notice that these four ideals are reflected in everything we do. Our passion is originated in our roots: kite surfing. This passion for kite surfing is the driving force behind our organization and is inseparably connected with freedom, nature, and fun.